Security Systems

Why should you consider a security system? The answer is simple. A monitored security system keeps you and your family safe. What do you think happens if you’re being burgled or attacked, and you scream for help? Probably nothing, unless you have a monitored system.

Here are five huge advantages:

  1. You’ll always know that help is on the way. As soon as your alarm is triggered in your home or your business, you can count on help arriving in minutes.
  2. It’s loud. An alarm gets attention, in the case of home invasion, and may even scare off an intruder.
  3. Family members are warned. If a family member comes home and an alarm is going off, your loved one will not walk into a dangerous situation.
  4. You’ll save on your insurance. Homeowners who have monitored systems are often able to take advantage of insurance savings that will offset the cost of the monitoring.
  5. You’ll have peace of mind when you’re away. If your house is broken into when you’re out of town, the alarm will go off. The police will know, and your family and possessions will be protected.

At Kenny Strange Electric, we offer home security systems that are designed to protect you whether you’re home or away. Call us at 850-215-8030. Let’s talk about how we can protect your home and your family.